Namaste, friends.

I am so excited to connect with you soul to soul – no layers in between. 

Hey guys, my name is Ania and I am so honored, humbled, and grateful that you’ve decided to connect with me. I am absolutely stoked to help you start your journey towards awakening to your fullest potential – if you feel called to.

Throughout my childhood I was a top competing rhythmic gymnast, and although it taught me a lot about resilience and perseverance, it also brought the beginning of a battle against anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia.

I discovered my love for yoga and meditation when I was about 16, and immediately noticed the mental and physical benefits of these practices. I decided to keep learning more and eventually was drawn to the idea of guiding others through these practices as well. That was only the beginning of the journey for me, and since then I have fully stepped into spirituality as a means of healing trauma, triggers, and the darker parts of our souls.

In 2017 I travelled to India to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training and fell in love with the philosophy and culture behind the country where yoga was born. A spark was ignited in my practice there and from then on I fully dove into leading others through practices that are an intuitive and introspective journey.

Spiritual practices had a huge impact on healing my battle with mental health disorders, and when my own awakening began I knew my life’s purpose was to become a spiritual life coach and intuitive energy healer.

Currently, home base for me is Tampa, FL, but I am a wanderer by nature and have traveled all over the world learning, teaching, and connecting to other people and places that have impacted who I am at the very core of my being. My travels have broadened my horizons and opened my mind, and I incorporate the pieces of knowledge I have picked up from all over the world in my coaching because my passion lies in taking the practices I hold really close to my heart and sharing them with others.

I want to be a container and safe space for you to heal, grow, evolve, and move forward. My passion lies in being your support system and showing you the light that exists within you, because we all have it, sometimes it just takes a guide to show you the way.

Come join me – take my hand, let me show you that you are never alone, even in the moment when it feels like you are.

My Inspiration

“When one person heals from their traumas, their perspective of the world changes. They’re able to view other people, circumstances, and situations with more compassion and kindness. They’re able to see themselves with more compassion and kindness. This starts a ripple effect of healing  – because then they can go out in the world and interact with more understanding and compassion for others, and so on”